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Audi Approved Platform

Our UX design for Audi Approved Pre-Owned vehicles brings a smooth, user friendly & modern experience like no other. The platform is the start of the next generation in digital experience for the end-user in the automotive industry. 

What was the problem

Audi Approved Pre-Owned Cars was in need of an upgrade that would improve the overall user experience and create a platform that gives the opportunity to perform beyond expectation and bring in a higher ROI. 


The most important focuses were on:

  • How to manage their cars and stock better
  • How to attract more leads digitally 
  • Better their data consolidation between different data sources 
  • Easier journey for the customer from landing on the website to being ready to purchase a vehicle

What was our approach?

CreITive, working closely with AMVE, developed an intuitive and engaging portal flow that will communicate with the end-user whilst maintaining functionality as well as classy and elegant UI. 

We used our framework of Leannovation to help conceptualize, implement and scale digital products. Leannovation is designed to systematically guide us through key phases of a product life cycle while keeping teams focused and aligned. 

Our deliverables:

  • Functional website that reduced manual work
  • Increased communication between the car dealer and the buyer
  • User-friendly solution for a dealer network
  • Modern CMS for managing regions, dealers, branches and cars
  • Car and stock management system
  • Seamless end-user experience
  • Custom responsive UI/UX design and interactive front-end
  • High-performance cloud-based architecture
  • External integrations support
  • Advanced user behavior analytics

What was the end product?

We have built a fast, intuitive, modern and lead generation oriented platform for dealers and users in MENA region, which reflects the forward-thinking brand. The client now is able to have meaningful conversations based on facts and not assumptions.

A portal that dealers will recognize as a tool that can really help them boost their sales and provide them insights about their customers and other markets best practices. All of this being the tip of the iceberg of what is going to be an ever scaling climb into the future of digital for the automotive industry.