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HolyWally, a white-label digital wallet solution provider, has joined the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program

HolyWally - White Label Digital Wallet Solution

HolyWally, a spin-off company of Creitive, providing a B2B2C white-label digital wallet service, has joined the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program. The program is designed to seamlessly connect Visa’s issuing clients with technology providers that have been carefully curated and vetted by Visa. 

The HolyWally digital wallet platform, now certified “Visa Ready”, is a tool that allows any organisation in any industry to build, manage and scale a digital wallet tailored to its specific needs and customer base. This white label mobile wallet platform is highly customizable. Organisations can choose to build their wallet using HolyWally’s vast library of reusable mobile components, or take their pick from existing use cases. The wallet will then come fully integrated with capabilities from HolyWally’s network of fintech partners, such as Visa, Railsbank and Episode 6. This makes for an entirely smooth and connected commerce between digital wallets. 

HolyWally also recently became part of Microsoft for Startups – a venture program providing member startups access to Microsoft clients and partners around the globe.

Because of the convenience promised by digital wallets, it comes as no surprise that the digital wallet industry has exploded in recent years. In 2020, digital wallets became the most popular payment method in the world. By 2024, it is expected that 4 billion people will be using digital wallets, and the global mobile wallet market size is anticipated to hit a whopping US$3.6 billion. It is clear that digital wallets are fast becoming the preferred method of payment amongst consumers, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. 

HolyWally Digital Wallet Builder

Organisations hoping to take advantage of this skyrocketing uptake of digital wallets need to find a way to stay ahead of the curve. Developing a mobile wallet from scratch is an expensive and painfully arduous process. This is where HolyWally comes in. With their revolutionary approach to digital wallet creation, HolyWally aims to make digital wallet creation cost-effective, quick and scalable. 

The HolyWally team has amassed years of experience building and scaling fintech products. During that time, they saw the need to create an intuitive and user-friendly wallet platform that any organisation could turn to. “HolyWally was born out of the desire to provide everyone with the ability to rapidly build, manage and scale a user-friendly digital wallet from scratch in the most efficient and cost-effective manner – and always with the human touch,” said John Rutledge, CEO & Co-Founder of HolyWally.

“In today’s climate, building a competitive financial product requires more technology than ever before. Consumers want seamless interactions across mobile and web, and they want access to a greater suite of digital banking capabilities,” said Terry Angelos, senior vice president and global head of fintech at Visa. “With HolyWally participating in the Fintech Partner Connect program, our clients will have access to powerful set of tools for building new digital-first experiences.”

HolyWally is a spinoff from Creitive, a Venture Builder helping fortune 500 companies, governments, and startups plan, build, and grow innovative digital products since 2011.

To register for a HolyWally demo, please visit the HolyWally website.

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