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Lean startup approach and Agile Development framework


Our proprietary framework designed to help you conceptualize, implement, and scale digital products.

Age of Accelerated Innovation

You will either disrupt, or you will be disrupted. The industries are overlapping and the competition is rising. To stay competitive, you have to be agile, adaptable and fast. This requires companies to reinvent key business activities, take down the immune system preventing them from new and radically different ideas and embrace innovation as the only way forward.

Our answer is Leannovation

Leannovation is a framework designed with a purpose to address the threat and opportunity of disruption, with the core belief that success comes at the intersection of all stakeholders. It is comprised of agile and design thinking methodologies, enabling a human-centered approach to solving complex problems within the accelerating digital landscape. It leads you through carefully structured phases of Discovery, DesignDevelopment and Growth in order to deliver a Disruptive solution. This framework has enabled us to conceptualize, build and scale winning solutions across global markets. From developing digital wallets, to designing innovation labs to fostering organizational restructuring- it’s our method for success.

Who is Leannovation for?

Whether you are responsible for innovation in your company, or you are involved in your company's digital transformation efforts, or you might have a brand new digital product idea, Leannovation is the framework you need.


Designed to systematically guide you through key phases of a product life cycle while keeping you and your team focused and aligned, Leannovation framework will help you efficiently conceptualize, implement, and scale a bulletproof digital product.

Why leannovation

Intensely Focused

Increase Flexibility

Enables True Customer Centricity

Improves Efficiency

Reduces Overall Cost

Shortens Timeline

Improves Teams Alignment

Improves Product Quality

Facts Based

Enables True Innovation

Super Structured

Reduces Uncertainty

Do you think that Leannovation framework can help you move forward? Reach out and we can have a chat.

They trust us

Over the years, Leannovation framework has been trusted by some of the globally and locally most repuatable organizations. 

Design and development services for Audi Middle East
Digital innovation and transformation services for VISA corporation
Design and development of web solution's for Volkswagen Middle East
Digital Innovation Workshops for Microsoft
Digital product strategy for Modon
Digital strategy for Citi Bank
Digital innovation services for UAE Department of Health
Digital transformation for Government of Abu Dhabi
User Interface and User experience design for Eagle Hills
Innovative Experiences for Paypal
Design thinking workshops for Al-Futtaim
Mobile app development services for MundiPharma

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