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Sales Portal for Waters Edge by Aldar

Waters Edge, a project by Aldar Properties who are one of the most trusted and recognised real estate lifestyle developers in the UAE.  The destination features landscaped gardens, fully equipped gyms, pools and a jogging track that skirts the canal.

Residents can also enjoy a waterfront boardwalk lined with cafes, restaurants and shops, while the waterfront promenade brings a relaxed taste of the Med with its stylish selection of shops and restaurants.

What was our focus?

Aldar was in need of a platform that allows the distribution of a large amount of information in a way that will not be boring or annoying to visitors.

Considering that the project was developed on the island, a website was needing to look like the scenery that surrounds it, with content that highlights the location of the project and vividly describes all the amenities residents can enjoy with stunning aesthetics. 

We focused on:

  • Displaying a wide range of information about projects
  • How they will showcase and advertise their projects
  • Providing customers easier and faster solutions when buying a unit.
  • A platform that has flexible system that can scale depending on the content for the convenience of the client
  • Aesthetically appealing with great interactivity 

What We Did

We created website with a unique design that radiates the heart and soul of the Belgrade Waterfront using our experience coupled with industry research. We managed to combine accessibility, elegance and functionality helping Belgrade Waterfront to deliver:  

  • A platform for social and visual interaction
  • Simple and smooth navigation of the website for the clients
  • An interactive map that encourages user interaction with the platform
  • A fully responsive platform that keeps it’s smooth and classy visuals despite the device being used


We have created a unique website that allows the user to easily navigate through it, naturally moving from one to the next unit, seamlessly following the story with a stunningly smooth interactive map that allows users to easily gain insight into any apartment in Waters Edge.

This ultimately allows potential buyers the opportunity of getting the impression of what life in this complex looks like, just by browsing the site.