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Creitive - Digital product agency with offices in Dubai, Singapore and Belgrade


We are sharp. We are talented. We are persistent. We are relentless.We are cutting-edge. We are bold. We are innovative. We are assertive. We value quality. We love loyalty. We honor trust and honesty.

Our values

We believe in long-lasting relationships.

IT is the exchange of ideas, the shared thrill of discovery, and the deep respect for our clients and community that define our culture. We work closely with our people, our teams, our clients and partners, to help build long term business partnerships, providing the innovations that help fuel the economy and stimulate positive change. We’ve designed our micro-worlds around a collective spirit that spreads out into our everyday interactions and lives on in the hearts of everyone we have had the pleasure to work with. IT is these relationships that propel us and shrink the distance between where we are and where we want to be. And why, at creitive, our promise is beyond digital.

We believe we can solve any challenge.

IT is solving challenges you are struggling with that we believe is our core mission. And our forte. If given a chance. As business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions - what worked a year ago might now be not the best approach. As a fairly young business ourselves, we have done a lot to recognize and overcome common pitfalls associated with growth. We tried, we failed, we learned. Day in and day out, we strive to improve ourselves, our processes, our methodology, our products, and consequently thrive in the world of digital and physical connections, business challenges, bottom lines, economies of scale, and pure peer competition. We believe we can help our clients change the way they think, act and react to deliver outcomes that solve challenges and move their business forwards. IT is what we do.

We believe that hard work pays off.

IT is those moments in our work lives when fatigue influences the reasoning, the hurdles disturb consistency, the communication fails to impress, that we realize how important is everything we do the way we do it. IT is in our culture and in our DNA to push ourselves to the new heights, new limits, new horizons, new markets and new experiences. IT is the hard work that is our foundation, our driving force, our engine, our brick and mortar, our never say die attitude, our spacesuit, our promise and our determination. IT is what defines who we are, who we do what we do and how does that make us feel, how does IT impact you, your business and your satisfaction at the end of the day.

We believe in ourselves and in our team.

We are caring, not cold. We welcome everyone with warmth, empathy and understanding. We care about our parents, our people, our teams, our neighbours, our friends, everyone we talk to, work with, play with, create with, cross paths with, travel the roads less traveled with. We care about our local communities and are compassionate toward the people in them. IT is what makes us strong, smart, resilient, restless, better, aware, confident, open and experienced. IT is so far beyond digital.

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They trust Leannovation

Independently owned, multicultural, globally present digital innovation agency helping fortune 500 companies, governments, and startups plan, build, and grow innovative digital products since 2011.

Digital innovation and transformation services for VISA corporation
Mobile app development services for MundiPharma
User Interface and User experience design for Eagle Hills
Digital innovation services for UAE Department of Health
Design thinking workshops for Al-Futtaim
Digital product strategy for Modon
Digital strategy for Citi Bank
Digital transformation for Government of Abu Dhabi
Design and development of web solution's for Volkswagen Middle East
Innovative Experiences for Paypal
Digital Innovation Workshops for Microsoft
Design and development services for Audi Middle East




We believe in leading with example. It’s about the commitment. It’s about courage and discipline.


We believe in leading with example. It’s about the commitment. It’s about courage and discipline.


We believe in leading with example. It’s about the commitment. It’s about courage and discipline.

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