Forged a powerful tool for exploring what Yas Acres has to offer

Yas Acres by Aldar is one of the finest architectural projects in the Emirates, and the largest in Abu Dhabi. Boasting some of the region’s most attractive landscapes and amenities, Yas Acres puts community at its heart and soul. Yas Acres provides fertile ground for laying down roots and building memories.



Technology & Innovation

We delivered

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Ease of use

The main purpose of the website is simple - intuitive navigation and fast access to all information visitors need before purchasing a property. This information includes all necessary paperwork, available repayment plans, progress reports on the building phase, etc. The website is sales-oriented with interactive design responsive to a variety of devices and screen sizes.

Yas Acres - Ease of use
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Gallery & Brochures

The gallery section is designed to present a simple overview of properties and their surroundings.

Users also have the ability to access the "Brochures" section using the drop-down menu and may download brochures with detailed information on any selected property.

Each home is designed with space and serenity in mind, enhancing a true sense of belonging. So is the website.

Yas Acres - Gallery & Brochures
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Floor plans

We created a multi-tier navigation through the master plan map of the entire community that simplified the process of finding the right home.

Yas Acres - Floor plans
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