Rapidly responded to time challenging and technically demanding mission laid out by the Visa Innovation Center.

Our team took part in Visa's rapid prototyping challenge in Singapore and impressed the company by building a coffee order ahead app within just three days.  The app allows its users to order coffee using their mobile and pay with their credit card through the app. The app is now being used in the Visa Innovation Center.



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We delivered

Visa Order-Ahead App - 1

Log In and Ordering

This user-centric app is a result of comprehensive UX design. Our coffee order-ahead app is built with mobile users in mind – so we needed to be clear and keep it simple.

Visa Order-Ahead App - Log In and Ordering
Visa Order-Ahead App - 2

User Experience

Dissecting the mobile user experience into its key components gave us a conceptual framework for building and evaluating a good mobile experience at short notice.

Visa Order-Ahead App - User Experience
Visa Order-Ahead App - 3

More than a Coffee-Ordering App

What makes a coffee lover happy? More coffee. By collecting photos of their previous orders,  users can win a free cup of coffee after their fifth order.

Visa Order-Ahead App - More than a Coffee-Ordering App
Visa Order-Ahead App - 4

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