Created a tailor-made, multifunctional app for the evaluation of medical professionals and internal communication within the company.

The Mundipharma network is a world leader in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industries.

The Mundipharma Test App is a custom built software application for internal communication and the evaluation of healthcare professionals. The CMS created for this project contains a completely independent system for content administration and communication with the user.



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Content creation

The administrator has the ability to create different types of tests with different questions for several user groups and categories. Each answer is saved to the database. Some of the primary functionalities of the app include: test schedule, test search, and success rate review.

Mundipharma Test App - Content creation
Mundipharma Test App - Login-Score

Data management

There are several ways to combine relevant data, generate reports and export them. This allows the administrator to have control over the data and manage it in his or her preferred way.

Mundipharma Test App - Data management

Mobile App

The app is very user friendly and provides iOS and Android users with insight into all completed tests and access to other relevant information.

Mundipharma Test App - Mobile App
Mundipharma Test App -


Users can enjoy maximum functionality on their smart phones, obtain useful feedback and get additional value from the app wherever they are.

Mundipharma Test App - Usability

Additional value

The application facilitates communication between the Mundipharma management team and the healthcare professionals who use the app. When used to its full potential, this technological innovation may serve as an important support to the company's core business.

Mundipharma Test App - Additional value

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