Time-Attendance and Scheduling Solution for Every Company.

We created the cloud-based Momentum App in order help companies register and analyze working hours. By removing the need for manual time cards, employees and employers are able to save time and keep track of their productivity with a single swipe.



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Logo Development

The main objective during logo development was to communicate the idea that everything within the app functions “with a single click." That is why we used circles and rounded elements which symbolize a finger tapping a screen. This element appears as a pattern in the application and in every segment of the general design.

Momentum - Logo Development
Momentum -

Recepcionist App

A key component of Momentum, the Receptionist app is designed for use on all iPads and Android tablets. It can be positioned in a company’s entrance lobby or any other convenient location within the building. With a setup time of under thirty minutes, employees can immediately start using the simple, new system to clock-in, clock-out, book holiday leave or register sickness absences.

Momentum - Recepcionist App
Momentum -

Mobile App

The Momentum Client app gives employees more freedom by allowing them to track the time they spend in the office. With a simple swipe of a screen they can register their breaks, request leave and see an overview of their attendance statistics.

Momentum - Mobile App


Momentum Analytics is a powerful tool which allows managers to create schedules, monitor attendance and get an instant overview of their team’s performance. The intelligent scheduling system simplifies the employee scheduling process by dividing up core hours, flexible hours and shift patterns—resulting in greater freedom for everyone.

Momentum - Analytics


The website contains all relevant information about the Momentum app and explains how it can make your workspace more enjoyable. In addition to the benefits, the website also highlights how easy it is to become a user.

Momentum - Website
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