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Visa is the world’s largest retail electronic payment network, handling approximately 130 billion transactions each year. Today, electronic payment allows Visa’s customers to access a wide range of products and services in a completely flexible and customizable package. Our team designed and developed a basic service platform to support Visa’s key micro-services. Our concepts were later adopted and customized by Visa to provide their customers with a unique, full-stack solution.



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VISA Microservices - Instant Issuance

Instant Issuance

The primary value of instant card issuance is putting ready-to-use cards into your customers' hands in a matter of minutes. Real-time provisioning of a new debit or credit card into a digital account allows customers to enroll and instantly receive a digital version of their card. This service is a great strategy for ensuring card activation, increasing card use, and building loyalty.

VISA Microservices - Instant Issuance
VISA Microservices - Icons

Access From Anywhere

Card tray enables customers to hold and manage multiple cards in a clean and simple format. After capturing selected business cards, the contact information is quickly and accurately saved to the customer’s smartphone. Card tray also provides customers with administrative control of each card as well as insight into all card transactions. All business cards are stored on the server side and synchronized across smartphones and tablets. This allows customers to have 24-hour access to their cards.

VISA Microservices - Access From Anywhere
VISA Microservices - Visa

Rich Receipt

Customers can easily manage their business cards by adding limits, setting reminders, or quickly searching purchase history, retail branding, maps, or value-added services. With this service they will know which card was used, when it was used, and the amount spent. This allows customers to have complete control over their finances.

VISA Microservices - Rich Receipt
VISA Microservices - Send Money

Send Money

Money transfer service is a safe, reliable, and fast way to send and receive money from friends or family members. To send money, user needs to add a friends card (manually or using camera to scan card). When friend is added user can select a recipient (friend’s credit card) and amount he want to send.

VISA Microservices - Send Money
VISA Microservices - End of Presentation

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