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Marasi Marina Management was built on a passion to serve the marina industry and aid the increasing number of marina developments in the UAE. Our challenge was to provide an overview of the marinas and highlight berth availability across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.



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The Marasi logo depicts three boats docked in a marina. The symbol and typography evoke luxury and elegance, which is emphasized by the use of clean, curved lines.

Marasi Marina Management - Logo
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Booking a Berth

Booking a berth has never been easier. After entering the site or visiting the  “How to” guide, users can reserve a berth in 3 easy steps. This approach makes the system very intuitive and user friendly.

Marasi Marina Management - Booking a Berth
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Map Interface

This tool allows users to search for a specific berth or apply for the waiting list. It also provides a variety of useful map filters such as marina name, boat size, fuel dock, club house, etc.

Marasi Marina Management - Map Interface
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A Professional and Unforgettable Service Experience

The entire design responds to the user's behavior and environment based on the device he uses when accessing the website. It seamlessly adapts to any screen size, platform, or orientation.

Marasi Marina Management - A Professional and Unforgettable Service Experience
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