Crafted a sales-oriented website that is beautifully simple and fully equipped with an interactive map.

In the real estate business presentation is very important. That is why this project's goal was to give agents a new website featuring a modern design and a CRM system. Integration with Google Maps and a custom made tool for drawing buildings on the website allow agents to manage available properties easily with just a few clicks.



Technology & Innovation

We delivered

Living Legends - Photo 1
Living Legends - Photo 1-2

Villas & Apartments Gallery

A premium style gallery was designed to present the best images of luxurious properties to potential buyers. In order to give the best possible digital experience to the user, a map with more info is just one click away.

Living Legends - Villas & Apartments Gallery

Choose Facility

After a villa or an apartment is chosen, agents can display the facility and all its relevant information using a functional screen that is specially designed for presentations.

In just three clicks agents can find and filter any property to potential buyers. After clicking on the house/building image, the pop up window shows the most important information about the construction process, price, completion date, etc.

Another useful feature of the website is the ability to calculate expenses and create a payment plan. In addition to its functionality, the web site is fully responsive and designed in a way to create a unique user experience.

Living Legends - Choose Facility
Living Legends - Info

Looking for a Loan? We can calculate for you.

The Mortgage Calculator is a special tool of the website. By using this feature, interested buyers are able to obtain an accurate loan calculation.

Living Legends - Looking for a Loan? We can calculate for you.
Living Legends - Calculator

Find out more

The contact form is very simple and enables users to quickly send messages or inquire about the property he/she is interested in.

Living Legends - Find out more
Living Legends - Inquire