Captured the gaming world in all of its glory in a sophisticated e-commerce platform.

Anigma—the premium online computer store—is now the focus of the internet. This company represents the gaming community of the 21st century.



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We delivered

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Logo Developmnet

We developed the perfect logo and branding to highlight the gaming world in all of its glory. It's different, it's strong, it's powerful!

Gamers know the secrets of the online universe, so we used this mystique as inspiration for the logo design. The logo combines letters from the brand name with the symbolism of finding an exit from an online maze.

Anigma - Logo Developmnet
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From wireframe to the design

As the project is unique, several iterations during the design process were necessary in order to create the premium digital experience for the user. 

Selecting the best computer components for use in the design was also a priority for our team. In the end, we crafted an outstanding website that naturally connected with the company's purpose, values, and logo.

Anigma - From wireframe to the design
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Build from scratch

Like connecting the pieces of a puzzle, each premium computer part — be it motherboard, processor, hard drive, or memory — should be carefully selected. To facilitate this process, important information is provided beside each available part so the user can make the best choice. 

The Anigma configurator works for the user: it is not possible to place an order if some components are incompatible with others.

Anigma - Build from scratch
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Hall of Fame

This is the best of the best! These are the tools and accessories the experts recommend.

Anigma - Hall of Fame
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The user never has to leave the site to process payments or finish shopping. In just a couple of clicks, he can start counting the days until delivery.

The E-commerce system developed for this project provides complete freedom for the administrator and safe shopping for the users

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Your Profile

As shopping for premium computer parts is never simple, the user can click “Save Draft“ to save his progress to his profile and come back later to finish shopping.

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