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Momentum is Unveiled at the RISE Conference

At the beginning of June 2016 we were proud to present our company's Momentum time management app at the prestigious RISE Conference in Hong Kong, where it was received with great enthusiasm and interest by fellow attendees.

With delegates and investors from some of the world’s leading companies present, the RISE Conference is among the most high profile and significant business events in the calendar. Alongside other entrepreneurs from several exciting new start-up companies, this was a fantastic opportunity for us to bring our product to a much wider audience and cement our reputation as one of the most forward-thinking and creative companies in the Middle East.

Taking to the stage to showcase our innovative time attendance and scheduling solution, the Momentum app immediately caught the eye of a large number of conference goers and generated considerable interest from a wide range of investors and delegates from around the world.

While cloud-based time attendance solutions have been seen in other countries, Momentum is the first in the Middle East. The prospect of bringing such groundbreaking technology to the region was an attractive one, and captured the attention of many influential individuals from the business community.

With a number of exciting and high profile new projects in Singapore lined up, July has so far proved a highly rewarding month for Momentum. The success we enjoyed at the RISE Conference has only strengthened our desire to drive Momentum forward in the coming months, bringing our sophisticated and innovative new product to a wider market.