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FON Hackathon

             If you are an IT enthusiast and are ready to make a step forward towards a brighter future, FONIS and the Research-development center of Faculty of Organizational Sciences, together with the company SBB, are organizing their fourth in a row FON Hackathon, traditional competition in programming for young people. Along with Hackathon, this year the competitors will be able to participate in a new project called Tech Challenge, where they will have the chance to show their creativity and suggest innovations with regards to the partner company’s management.

            Fon Hackathon will be held on March 31st  and April 1st, in the Research-development center of Faculty of Organizational Sciences. The competitors will get a chance to, together in groups of 3 or 4 colleagues, show their skills and ideas, and in 24 hours solve a real problem within the area of sustainable development.

Registration for the Hackathon and the Tech Challenge will be held for all young people, ages between 16 and 26 from Serbia, until midnight, March 26th.  Hackathon participants will be selected based on their filled in applications, and based on their score on a test of programming skills, while Tech Challenge participants will be selected only based on their filled in registration forms, that is located on the site of the project.

            Fon Hackathon inspires high schoolers and students to improve their knowledge and skills by working on this project, which directly improves different aspects of management of our partner. Participants will, by attending this project, gain useful experiences, which are crucial for the improvement in their careers. Projects that team will make will be graded by our expert jury, whose advices will help the attendees in improving their skills for future career.

            Presentation of the final projects will be held on April 1st in evening hours, followed by the award ceremony. Don’t miss your opportunity to gain one unforgettable experience!

            More information about the competition, and registration for both Hackathon and the Tech Challenge, is available on

FON Hakaton, light up your future!