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The prototype

Rapid prototyping is the process of quickly designing screens or visuals and implementing them as a simple interface, with the purpose of showcasing the design or functionality. Rapid prototyping makes sense for businesses because it enables quick validation of ideas and assumptions, with minimal resources necessary.

Horizontal prototype

A horizontal prototype’s primary purpose is to showcase the application flow. The activities involved in creating a horizontal prototype are:

  • Prototype wireframing – analyzing the key usage scenarios and coming up with an appropriate flow from the user’s point of view
  • Look and feel conception
  • Draft design – applying the look and feel concept to the wireframe
  • Interface implementation – either as a mobile application for Android or iOS, or a web-based front-end, without functionality

The result of rapid prototyping is either a horizontal, a vertical, or a full prototype, whichever is most suited for the particular use case.

Nemanja Timotijevic, CEO Europe