How we do it
  • Project Idea
  • The Blueprint
  • Project Specification

The blueprint

Project consulting involves completely analyzing all aspects of a project and producing a detailed project specification – a document that serves as the blueprint for developing the initial project.

Requirement analysis and identification of core functionalities that bring the most business value.

Researching available technologies and choosing the ones best suited to solve the project’s unique challenges. Chronological resource allocation to optimize project costs and time-to-delivery.


Project Conceptualization

Requirement analysis and identification of core functionalities which bring the most business value, through a multiple-step process.


Technical assessment

Researching available technologies to choose the ones best suited for solving the project’s unique challenges.



Defining the complete flow from the users’ point of view, to reach the optimal user experience.


Data modeling

Deeply analyzing the types of data and the relationships between them, in order to provide a precise database model.


Project specification writing

Crafting a text-based document that outlines the evolution of the project


Overall scope of work estimation

Time-based and financial proposal for implementing the project.


Project execution planning

Chronological resource allocation to optimize between project costs and time-to-delivery.

The primary result of project consulting is the project specification, which includes a functional specification of all project features, technical implementation aspects, a full database model, coding and architecture guidelines, server infrastructure requirements, security protocols, as well as the project development methodology.

Nemanja Timotijevic, CEO, Europe