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And beyond

Project acceleration aims to continuously enhance all aspects of the project by accurately monitoring and analyzing usage and performance, and identifying key areas where improvements can provide primary benefits to users. Project acceleration can be done with any web/mobile application, product or brand on the market that needs prompt digital advancement.


Digital Performance Measurement and Analysis

  • Audience reporting – demographics, technology, devices, networks and user flow analysis
  • Acquisition reporting – channels, treemaps, campaigns and install attribution for mobile app analysis
  • Behavior reporting & In-page analytics – analyzing content, performance, interactivity, and custom events
  • KPI and conversion tracking – with goal flow and funnel visualization, multi-channel funnels, and attribution models analysis

The goal of project acceleration is to provide a continuous improvement path, enabling the project to deliver the highest value to consumers on the global market. The combined power of all the related accelerations activities provides a bulletproof foundation upon which the project can achieve its full potential.

Nemanja Timotijevic, SEO Europe