It’s not only a word we invented. Creating whole worlds is our value.

“C'mon, Leannovation? You just added an affix!“.

Well, we disagree, this is exactly how our story begins. With one neglected detail.
With something that everyone else overlooks.

Through everyday messiness, we find tangible joy. The key is in conversations that actually aren’t work-related, in moments when we make our coffee together in the morning.

Today, we are at the exhibition, tomorrow we sing along. We discovered an unconventional way of inspiring each other. We found the humanity in the center of everything.

And then the L word came along.

If we turn time into religious dedication and drive, we might eventually deceive it. You see how our structure is unique, we achieve wowness with fun. Intricate job, one might say, not for the humorless or arrogant. Only later on, we add color.

Finally, a sudden wormhole appears. The theoretical gateway is right in front of us. It’s that eureka moment that hardly ever happens, but it also seems that it was always there.

We moved.

Leannovation became CreITive’s official trademark.