How we do it

The path to successful digital products.

We believe that the path to any kind of success in life begins and ends with people. The right people can produce results no matter what, and so we invest a lot into nurturing a culture of excellence, passion, and performance that such people are attracted to.

We're very happy with how that approach works for us, as each and every one of our team members is utterly awesome.

That said, having a process can definitely help us move faster in the right direction, so these are some of the notable phases we've identified as being important towards delivering successful products.

Hands-on brainstorming to identify the needs of all stakeholders and result in a shared understanding of the goals.
Fast-paced build-and-learn iterations to deliver a solid product vision with minimum time and effort.
Internal validation
Rapid development to build a working product while focusing on business value.
User validation
Ongoing work to support evolution and long-term sustainability through a mature product phase.