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Domestic Helpers Protection Platform for Huqooq

Huqooq as a company considers issues such as low wages, non-compliance with an employment contract, neglect of living conditions, and much more related issues. The main purpose of Huqooq is to give equal opportunity for everyone to express their observations and make the remarks as they firmly believe everyone must be treated equally.



What was the problem?

Domestic labor law in UAE was written in order to resolve relations between employers and employees. However, there was still a need for better understanding and implementation.


The main problem was the frequent non-compliance with the rules of providing work in the UAE and neglect of domestic labor law. To address this issue, Huqooq decided to support this law through online platforms. Namely, this platform should be accessible to people with different knowledge of technology. Essentially, having a platform that allows workers to report possible poor working conditions or an employer for breach of agreement.

What was our approach?

We created a web dashboard and mobile app to ease up the communication between employers and domestic service workers. At the same time, everything is monitored by the authorities. The screens are a simple clean design that is easily managed by all stakeholders. Also, the platform covers the role of recruitment and employment agencies, standards for labor, contracts, obligations, inspections, penalties, time off, and much more.


We helped Huqooq by delivering the following:

  • Creation of a convenient web platform and mobile application
  • Interactive and useful interface
  • Interactive and simple menus for reporting
  • The system being linked between Tadbeer, the government agencies, employees, and employers

What was the end product?

We created a customer-oriented platform that helped Huqooq realize their idea and make an easy-to-use application and website to support domestic law in the UAE. Which subsequently allowed workers to receive the necessary support from the embassy and the state. Using just a computer or mobile phone and just a few clicks, these issues, which have long been a major problem in this region of the world, can now easily be solved.