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Board Performance SaaS Tool for Governance Compass

Compass is a consulting firm focused on evaluating board performance using surveys that generate empirical data, which helps to improve the efficiency of the board of directors. The business has developed a unique approach based on leading governance principles, practices, and, norms. Which emphasizes the human element in achieving and sustaining board performance.

What was the problem?

Every successful board of directors needs the right mix of skills and expertise, as well as a high level of effectiveness to secure a healthy board dynamic and performance enhancement. Compass needed to create a mobile application and web platform in the area of evaluating the work of the board of directors for many companies around the world. CreITive was tasked with creating a user interface that needed to reflect a wide range of functions coupled with a large library of information.


CreITive and Compass collaborated on the platforms to achieve their main goals such as:

  • secure platform
  • Functionality coupled with speed
  • User-Friendly for all
  •  Super Informative

What we did:

CreITive designed and developed a web app, as well as the mobile app as a visually and socially engaging platform. The platform is primarily used for evaluating board performance. We were faced with the task of creating a unique product, since more than 100 boards of directors trust in Compass with their performance ratings.


We helped Compass with delivering some key features such as:  

  • Seamless user experience and onboarding
  • Automating almost all aspects of the platform
  • Interactive and easy to understand dashboards
  • Data consolidation and visualization
  • A user interface reflecting a wide range of functions and a lot of information covering many areas
Product road-map and UI/UX design Compass

What was the end product?

We have created an easily accessible, well-functioning organism, and system for Compass that is user-oriented. A key focus was to create a system that could flex and scale based on content. The web application and the polish website were designed as a platform for visual and social interaction. Furthermore, the system can flex and scale based on content. The client is able to add surveys, members, committees, or change the ones that already exist.