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Corporate Website for Cracknell

Cracknell is a real estate agency that is one of the renowned companies in the world in the field of landscape design and architecture. Cracknell started operations in London in 1987, and has subsequently developed into one of the most recognized landscape architecture, planning, and urban design practices in the world. Their belief is that landscape architecture is about creating community and culture as much as it’s about creating spaces. What sets Cracknell apart from the masses is a keen understanding of infrastructure networks, building massing, social patterns, commercial matters, development regulations, and open space.

What was the problem?

As one of the best companies in the industry, Cracknell needed a unique platform to display their work and goals, as well as represent their mission to create a difference through inspired landscape design. Cracknell is driven by the desire to achieve excellence and to create a positive difference in people’s lives, and so are we. So that was the starting point in our collaboration.

What was our approach?

The website for Cracknell was compiled to show the exhilarating designs of all their work. It is predominantly informative and aims to show the structure of the company as well as present its current projects. The overarching visuals of every page is occupied by videos about projects, the founders of the company, and the experience of employees whilst delivering a user-friendly and informative experience.

What was the end product?

Cracknell’s website is predominantly informative and aims to show the structure of the company as well as to present its projects so far. Cracknell’s philosophy implies that everything they do is intended to improve the lives of people who will use the designed spaces. They are detail-orientated and CreITive have brought the focus to them digitally for the world to see. By showcasing the company with an easy to navigate website, which has a sleek and trendy magazine vibe.