Location: Dubai

Digital Product Manager

We're looking for an experienced Digital Product Manager to help us deliver maximum business value through the software we develop.

We'll give you complete freedom to manage your precious Backlog. We know that's your thing because you just love to explain things down to the tiniest detail and prioritize them accordingly. Sure, perhaps you're leaning a bit towards OCD - but aren't we all? As long as you don't scream “This is mine!” or “Can't touch this!”, because we're looking for a team player here.

Let the scrum master help you. Okay, scrum master is annoying sometimes, but the two of you should work it out somehow. You are pretty zippy, want everything to be done ASAP, while the scrum master is more like “let's meditate a bit, the team needs stress relief”. But hey, you are pals, complementing each other - like yin and yang. So, no fight, please!

You know the rules of Scrum, and keep all the timings in your head at all times. When the product is in your hands, you take care of it very well and are able to find the perfect balance between the client's wishes and your team's velocity. That's because you understand business goals and know how to prioritize things while maintaining good relations with your clients - all at the same time! Good job, octopus. octopus

They also say you are good psychologist, too. You like to peek into human brains and think about the various corner cases that end-users might encounter, which would prevent them from accomplishing their goals. But your little gray cells won't allow it, cause you're good at predicting this kind of stuff crystal_ball

Your nerdy but playful spirit makes you a perfect match for handling software projects - and we need that.

Oh, yes, one more thing to make our lives easier while browsing through hundreds of CVs, and increase your chances of getting the interview. We have one requirement, and that's a minimum of 5 years of experience in the digital industry.

So, if you want to work in really cool and dynamic surroundings in our office in Dubai, please upload your CV via the button above this text, or just send us an email to careers.ae@creitive.com. We would love to meet you!