Location: Belgrade

Support Developer

Hi! We're currently looking for a new Support Developer to join our team. Don't let the title discourage you though, this is not about maintaining decades-old legacy systems, nor is it a call-center-style customer support position. Your core purpose will be to help the rest of our team work efficiently by minimizing distractions and interruptions.

One of your responsibilities will be triaging support requests from clients, and either assigning them to others for further investigation, or just processing them yourself whenever possible. When developing software, we value code quality, and so you will definitely never be overloaded with this kind of thing. You will have to dig into the code at times, though, so this position does require a coding background. Other times, this might entail infrastructure-related work, ie. sysadmin-y thingies. So you should also be comfortable with servers, particularly Linux-based ones.

We strongly believe in automating stuff, and so do you. You love using automated tools to enforce everything that can be enforced - coding style, passing tests, successful builds, etc. - and you'll be sure to improve these processes often. Similarly, if an easy-to-build tool can help others save time and automate even more work - you'll build it. This could include aspects like deployment automation, but also development tools that help the rest of the team develop better products while saving time. Of course, sometimes there are awesome third-party tools that already do a great job - and you would be expected to recommend when to buy instead of build. "DevOps" is a great, if maybe overused, term that covers some of this.

Finally, you'll work closely with our CTO to assist with research and making various technology decisions, as well as with our client-facing teams to aid them in communicating about the more techy things.

There's probably other stuff you'll be doing, but we think the above covers the majority of what we think your responsibilities should be - and don't worry, we value your time, and understand that it's hard to accomplish anything when you're overloaded. While we do expect you to be good at prioritization and self-organization, we're all in this together, so we can help each other out when needed.

We'll skip the part where we talk about your background, your experience, and any kind of specific environments. If you know that you can do a good job with all of the above, that's probably enough to start a conversation with us. We don't focus too much on our tech stack, as all of those things are just tools to achieve some other goals, but if you want to know about that - we mostly use PHP (based on Laravel) and Node.js on the back-end, React on the front-end, Swift for iOS apps, and as of recently, Kotlin for Android apps. However, we also do other stuff, and we're fast learners and good at adapting, which is why we try not to stress this point too much. It's best if you consider yourself an all-around software engineer, without being too emotionally attached to a specific programming language or technology.

While we're okay with occasional remote work, we believe this role is best performed working in our office, together with the team - and ours is as an awesome office with fresh fruit every day, various types of coffee (depending on how "hipster" you are), table football, table tennis, darts, Nintendo Wii, lazy bags, etc. All of the usual stuff. Oh, you can also bring your furry friend along for work.

As you can see, our office is pet-friendly, but we also have a strict dress code.

Assuming you've read this far, and think we could be a good match, feel free to either upload your CV using the button on top of this page, or drop us an email at careers@creitive.com, and we'll get in touch as soon as we can.