Location: Belgrade


Is your idea of an ideal job being able to spend your day alternating between running around and talking to your teammates, and sitting around, writing and typing? That's excellent, because you're exactly the type of person we're looking for. Well, at least that's the gist of it, but of course there's more to the job than meets the eye.

We're looking for someone who is a master of English, with a lot of experience in the tech industry - because we are, after all, a tech company. We need you to basically produce content for everything we do.

This includes, first of all, the content we refer to as "internal" - for our website, presentations, proposals, advertising, job postings (not unlike this one!), and any other stuff that comprises the communication going from CreITive towards the outside world. In order to perform well with this responsibility, knowing English is far from the only prerequisite - you need to deeply understand and identify with our company culture. We believe this is the only way to write truly great content which we're all proud of, and which genuinely depicts ourselves as we truly are. This includes delicately balancing between friendly and professional, confident but not arrogant, casual but not crude, etc. It's a fine line at times, and we want to be exactly on that line.

Secondly, we have some of our own products we work on. We need you to write content for these as well - which, in addition to promotional content, such as website copy or ads, includes the content within those products. A good example would be the different messages and labels users encounter when using these products. A couple of aspects are really crucial to do this right - first, it's being able to understand the target audience, and nail down the right tone of voice when talking to them - making the products delightful to use. Secondly, written communication is a major UX point in products - so it's always important to choose the right wording, because this can make the difference between users finding it obvious how to accomplish certain tasks, versus them getting frustrated because they're trying to find the "Change password" option, which was unfortunately named "Update session credentials" while in a rush.

Last but not least: client products. Often, a lot of this content will be provided by clients themselves, but also often, it's helpful and more efficient when we can also generate some of this stuff internally. The content needed here is usually similar to the content we need for our own products - but with a catch. The catch is that the tone of voice completely depends on the client and their product's target userbase, so this requires being able to assume the client's perspective, in order to generate quality copy.

We'll skip the part where we talk too much about your background, your experience, and any kind of specifics. If you know that you can do a good job with all of the above, that's probably enough to start a conversation with us - though we do expect you to be able to demonstrate your skill.

While we're okay with occasional remote work, we believe this role is best performed working in our office, together with the team - because this role is all about communication, and there's no communication like face-to-face communication. Have we said "communication" too many times? Oh, our office is as an awesome office with fresh fruit every day, various types of coffee (depending on how "hipster" you are), table football, table tennis, darts, Nintendo Wii, lazy bags, etc. All of the usual stuff. Oh, you can also bring your furry friend along for work.

An enthusiastic person in a generic sterile but modern workplace which might very well be some kind of a tech company. He's doing some nondescript work on a laptop, but he's also a little old-school with the pen and paper. His job might or might not be copywriting - who knows?! Notice that it's raining outside but he's still happy. This could be you.

Assuming you've read this far, and think we could be a good match, feel free to either upload your CV using the button on top of this page, or drop us an email at careers@creitive.com, and we'll get in touch as soon as we can.