Location: Belgrade

Android Developer

Hey there, Android developer, how are you doing?

Are you, by any chance, looking for an awesome place that appreciates the great care you put into each line of code you type? A place where your work matters, where your opinions and choices matter, where you matter?

We're the place.

Do you feel the pain of Android's rapid growth, newer versions, screen sizes and backwards compatibility? The constant juggling of ever-changing tools and SDKs? Making sure everybody is in-sync with all the latest versions of everything? So do we.

Those iOS developers have it so easy. We bet they've never even read a book like Effective Java! We have, and we understand that when the author says "effective", what they really mean is that you'll be writing good code faster, so that you can use all that newly freed-up time to explain to everyone why Effective Java is such an awesome book.

You seem like someone who understands that debugging and testing functionality, design, and performance for every new update is very time-consuming, which is why you're good at optimizing this process by determining which tasks should be thoroughly tested and which can be left alone. You have a sharp eye for this kind of stuff. Your sharp eye is also what makes you focus so much on an awesome user experience - because you know that even the tiniest details can help.

In fact, you care about this so much that your apps detect if they're running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and if so, they sync their data with a server much more often - because you never know when the device might explode and lose all data forever. You'd fire-proof your app if you could.

Your technical precision is also what helps you know about Android security issues, understand all aspects of networking, and be aware of the common traps that most developers fall into. The kind of traps you could only know by experiencing them yourself.

You think that following every Google guideline is really great, but you also know when to be a little flexible and bend the rules slightly. You've always been a bit of a rebel like that. Still, when all is said and done, all of the challenges that the Android platform puts in front of you is what inspires you to do even better, and keep searching for new and superior ways to do the stuff you do. We do the same, as we believe innovation is the only way to stay relevant - but it's also really really fun! You might not know everything right now - neither do we - but that's okay, because what we have in common is that we use every opportunity to learn and improve everything that we do, and this isn't limited to just "coding", it's how we live and breathe every day.

If this is more or less you, we'd love to meet you so you can tell us about the cool stuff you've worked on, and what kind of stuff you'd like to be working on in the future. We'll offer you room to grow as a software engineer, work on exciting projects, a friendly team that likes to have a lot of fun, a competitive salary and a relaxed working environment, as well as an awesome office with fresh fruit every day, various types of coffee (depending on how "hipster" you are), table football, table tennis, darts, Nintendo Wii, lazy bags, etc. Oh, you can also bring your furry friend along for work, as our office is pet-friendly.

If you're interested in talking with us, you can upload your CV via the button above this text, or just send us an email to careers@creitive.com and we'll get in touch as soon as we receive it.