Storyboards versus XIBs versus custom code

Storyboards versus XIBs versus custom code.

Which approach should you use to create your app's UI - storyboards, XIBs, or custom code? We have no idea either! Hopefully, this article will help you make a good decision based on your requirements.

A piece of PHP awesomeness

A piece of PHP awesomeness.

When Composer came out in March 2012, everyone was immediately aware of its awesomeness, and all popular PHP frameworks started adding support for it. By the end of the year, it created a boom in the PHP community.

Animations in HTML & CSS

Animations in HTML and CSS.

When I was a kid, I wanted to become an astronaut. But I also wanted to be a front-end developer, so with this little project I'll show you how to become a front-end astronaut!

"Call to Action Buttons"

Who Needs Call To Action Buttons?

CTA button is the main part of an ad and it’s the main thing that will make a difference between a conversion and a bounce. These words need to speak to your target audience and provide the reason why they should click your button.

Every marketer should test various options and see what call-to-action buttons improve their click-through-rates. Test the following words, examples and their combination and watch your conversions grow. Good luck!