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    User Stories in Agile Project Management

    User stories are a "must " in Agile approach. They help team easily deliver small pieces of value in an iteration/sprint. Are you a part of Agile team? Understand User Stories and learn how to write them!


    Reality Remastered

    Back in 1995, when Ralph Fiennes starred in action movie called Strange Days, virtual reality was at its early start.. And while 19th-century panoramic paintings represent “patient zero” for the current virtual reality bug, VR is expected to evolve even faster in the next ten years with advances in science and technology. In fact, many experts are certain this form of artificial reality will soon reach pandemic proportions.


    Images... Images everywhere!

    We've all experienced the nightmare of entering a website that takes forever to load. The usual suspects that almost always end up guilty, are images. Whether they are large in size or the Internet connection is simply not fast enough, the problem persists and should be addressed.

    Storyboards versus XIBs versus custom code

    Storyboards versus XIBs versus custom code.

    Which approach should you use to create your app's UI - storyboards, XIBs, or custom code? We have no idea either! Hopefully, this article will help you make a good decision based on your requirements.